7 engagement ring trends right now

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Trends in engagement rings tend to change every 5 years or so, and at the moment there are plenty of options for you to choose from. An engagement ring is such a big deal for girls, so try your best to pick something for your partner that you think they will really love, because it suits them or they have been dreaming about it for years. And remember, don’t get too wrapped up in the trends – ultimately she is going to have to wear this ring for the rest of her life, so you want it to be timeless!

1. Gemstones not Diamonds

Gemstones as the centre stone is the biggest trend in engagement rings at the moment, and has been so for at least the past year. Emeralds and Sapphires are two of the more popular choices, because they are also super hard stones that won’t wear or crack with age. Pearls, Opals and Rubies are also popular choices. Bonus: it makes the ring overall a bit cheaper as you aren’t shelling out for a big diamond!

2. Rose Gold is making a come back

The biggest trend in ALL jewellery at the moment is the rise of Rose Gold. Popular in accessories, handbags, shoes and everything else the ladies love, Rose Gold is gold with a bit of copper in the mix to give its naturally peachy-pinky colour. Really beautiful when combined with a Ruby or a nice white Diamond.

3. Halo rings

A halo is when you have a centre stone which is surrounded by a circle of other, smaller stones. This is a great way to make the ring look bigger, without breaking the bank and shelling out for a massive diamond. Halo’s are often seen around a gemstone centre stone, which looks amazing and hits two trends in one ring.

4. Custom made rings

Why not create something completely unique for your girl? Something you can’t just grab from your local Michael Hill Jeweller, something you think she will really love. This works really well if your girlfriend has been not-so-subtly dropping pictures of rings around the house and you have no idea where to get it; or if she has a really unique style and you want to get her something as fabulous as she is.

5. Two different metals used for the ring

Using yellow gold and white gold, or yellow gold and rose gold to make a beautiful ring for your girlfriend is a really great way to make a big impression. The metals combined together give a great mixed-metal look, which is super on trend. Things like having the white gold around the diamond and yellow gold in the band is a classic way to use this trend, and works because the white gold is a bit harder, which means that expensive diamond won’t come loose any time soon.

6. Art Deco (and Art Deco Style) Rings

While vintage engagement rings have been popular for years, Art Deco style rings in particular are huge at the moment. These vintage rings (or designs inspired by the style) include strong geometry, lots of small details like filigree and often have a bunch of smaller stones around the centre stone, making for a larger looking ring overall. Particularly favoured by girls with any kind of design or artistic background, this style of ring can be found pretty easily, but extra points go to those who find a genuine vintage design.

7. The bride being involved in choosing the ring

Not exactly a trend, but more an indication of the way that proposals are headed. Most women have a really firm idea of the type of ring they want, so no matter if its showing you the ring that they want as a picture on their phone, or heading to the jewellery store with you, more and more brides are choosing to be involved in the decision. Use this to your advantage and propose with something simple (although we wouldn’t recommend a burger ring!), and then take the time to choose the final engagement ring together.

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