Capturing your proposal – good ideas and great ideas

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So we have already suggested that capturing the proposal in some way is a good idea. And we can’t stress strongly enough, everyone is going to want to see a picture or a video of you getting down on one knee and your girl saying yes. So what is the best way to go about capturing this once-in-a-lifetime moment?

Photographer. Pay a friend or a friend of a friend an hours worth of their time to follow you around snapping pictures of you. Sometimes it’s the little moments before you ask the question that are going to be the nicest, and so have a bit of extra time. You can put it under the guise of getting some nice photos for your family (hello cheap Christmas gift!) or just don’t tell her about the photographer. Layer on the surprise.

iPhone Photos. Depending on where you are going to propose, it might be possible to put your phone up in a tree when your lady isn’t looking and put it on video / multishot camera function and capture the whole thing as a series of pictures. If this is something you’re thinking of doing probably give it a bit of a test run before you miss that moment all together.

iPhone Videos. This can be done really well, or it can be bloody shocking, so be a little careful. Going for something cute like, “oh I’m just filming you in case I die, by the way… “ is a great move, but you have to be pretty capable of multitasking – you have to pull the ring out with one hand, open the box (you really should have it in a box) while still filming with the other hand. Other great videos are the ones of the girl’s response just after you ask – but if she’s crying (totally possible) she might not appreciate it. Pick the moment.

The Hashtag. If you are going for an event proposal, something big and grandious, make a hashtag. Obviously the proposal is still a surprise, but how amazing will it be going back through that hashtag that you might have texted to people, put on the door, written on a wall or whatever, and seeing all these different views and perspectives of this amazing moment.

Don’t. Be in the moment. You literally get one shot at this. So maybe don’t worry about the fancy equipment and technology, and just be really honest with your future fiancé. Lay all your cards on the table and be really honest, and the best capture of the day actually ends up being the memory of the moment itself.


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