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Diamond Digest – November 9 2016

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Maniamania Reinvent The Engagement Ring

Australian jewellery designers Tamila Purvis and Melanie Kamsler are challenging the engagement ring conventions with their rings that are helping the hip kids get down on one knee.

The superstar pair emerged as Maniamania in 2009 with their eye-catching rings landing on the fingers of Cara Delevingne, Dree Hemingway, Georgia May Jagger and Australian supermodel Abbey Lee. Now they’re moving into the bride-to-be side of the market.

“A lot of our friends were getting married, so we had quite a few people asking us to make them engagement rings,” Purvis told 9Honey.

Prices for the rings range from $3000 to $10,000 depending on the choice of stone. Customers can also go further down the bespoke aisle by selecting from a range of symbols, such as horoscopes and moon phases, to appear on the inside of the band. We love what these gals are doing! Here’s a sample.

Credits to Damien Woolnough @ 9Honey for breaking this story, you can read the full version here.


This Is What People (in the US) Are Looking For In Engagement Rings*

Brilliant Earth released some really interesting information this week, the brand collected over 30,000 data points over the past year to analyse engagement-ring shopping behaviour, admittedly the data is from the US, but it’s still interesting to see the trends.

The key points:

• Women have expressed increased interest in designing their own diamonds thanks to the customisation craze
• They found that brides are increasingly choosing colour when it comes to their jewellery — as in, opting for coloured gemstones rather than diamonds. Texan couples purchase the highest percentage of ruby rings of all the states, the report found. Women from Washington, D.C., love emeralds, while Alaskans spent the most on sapphires
• Natural diamonds are still the most popular choice – but the company has noticed more interest in lab-created diamonds (particularly in the western states  – possibly connected to a rise in ethical shopping values
• California wins for biggest diamond purchases based on average carat size

Credits to Erica Witte @ refinery29 for breaking this story you can read the full report here.


The Diamond Industry’s New Campaign, ‘Real Is Rare,’

The Diamond Producers association released their latest campaign earlier this month called “Real is Rare.” It’s a new take on the fairy tale of “A Diamond is Forever”. The notable deviation from the traditional message is that the diamond doesn’t necessarily have to lead to marriage. (Good luck with that).

Deborah Marquardt, who joined the Diamond Producers Association as their Chief Marketing Officer this past September, describes the ads as “a purposeful departure…an 180 in tone and delivery from what we’ve seen before.” There are two kinds of relationships on display in “Real is Rare,” both intended to evoke something more familiar, and more realistic to the millennial customers that these commercials are explicitly targeting. The couple in “Wild and Kind” are the more traditional of the two, and are mindfully committed to each other after a series of heartrending ups and downs. In “Runaways,” we meet an exotic-looking pair of twenty-somethings who “ran away together” after their first date – to Thailand, then to a third-floor walkup.

The new campaign is significant for the industry, Since 1939, De Beers has spearheaded the industry’s generic diamond marketing, creating the campaign that yielded the “A Diamond is Forever” tagline in 1948. But since the early 2000s De Beers has focused on promoting its own brands – De Beers Jewellery and Forevermark – which left an opening for marketing the broader industry. Formed in 2015 and comprised of the globe’s seven biggest mining companies, the Diamond Producers Association is taking over the job with this new campaign. Their sole aim in to market to millennials, the demographic that has been most challenging to connect with for the industry (and the demographic who are currently walking down the aisle).

You can check out the latest campaigns here:


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