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Diamond Shapes Explaied

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Diamonds. They cost us so much money, cause us so much stress and really make the whole engagement process a bit of a headache. The hardest part is working out what shape is what, and what will look good on your girlfriends finger for the rest of her life.

Well have no fear! We have the definitive guide to diamond shapes and cuts, and what they each mean –

Round Brilliant Cut

Round Brilliant Cut

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Round Brilliant Cut means exactly that – it’s cut round with lots of facets so they are super sparkly. This classic cut is the most popular, the most expensive and subsequently the most common shape. Normally, when you get diamonds in a halo or on the sides of a ring, they are also RBC’s, just smaller.

Old Cut diamond

Old Cut

Old Cut Diamond

Old Cut is also technically round, but they have fewer facets, so they aren’t as sparkly. They are more rare, and will often come out of an antique ring.

Marquise Cut Diamond

Marquise Cut

Marquise Cut Diamond

Marquise Cut is gaining popularity, and is great for girls with short fingers as they elongate the finger. They are a skinny, pointy oval shape that really looks fabulous as a solitaire. They also tend to be a bit cheaper.

princess cut

Princess Cut

Princess Cut Diamond

Princess Cut is a square shaped stone, point corners and all, that have been very popular for the past 10 years. They tend to be a bit on the pricier side, but the shape will stand the test of time.

Pear Cut Diamond

Pear Cut

Pear Cut Diamond

Pear Cut is gaining in popularity and is a beautiful teardrop shape. These are available in a huge variety of carat weights, which gives you some good options for the cost of the stone. Very feminine and suit a more delicate hand.

Oval Cut Diamond

Oval Cut Diamond

Oval Cut Diamond

Oval Cut is a common shape for gemstones to be cut in and makes for a beautiful ring. They are cut in an oval shape with more facets on the topside of the stone, these suit girls with square shaped hands – think big palms and shorter fingers.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald Cut

Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald Cut is obviously named after an Emerald, which are most commonly cut in this style. A long rectangle stone with angled corners, these are great for girls with very soft, rounded and delicate hands as it balances everything out.

Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut

Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut is an under-appreciated cut of stone. It is almost square, but with rounded corners. Really beautiful if you are going to go for a coloured diamond, and they really reflect the light well.

Heart Shape Diamond

Heart Shape

Heart Shape Diamond

Heart Shape is not for the faint of heart (see what we did there?), but suit a very romantic, innocent type of girl. The heart is the ultimate symbol of love after all, and isn’t that what a proposal is about?

Asscher Cut Diamond

Asscher Cut

Asscher Cut Diamond

Asscher Cut stones are quite rare, but gaining in popularity as we move towards more unique engagement rings. These hexagonal shaped diamonds look fantastic in an art deco design.

Baguette Cut Diamond

Baguette Cut

Baguette Cut Diamond

Baguette Cut is normally used for side stones on an engagement ring (running down the band is pretty common) but they have been used for engagement rings to beautiful effect. A rectangular stone, including the sharp corners, these are beautiful when set in a bezel or used to compliment an existing center stone.

Choosing the right stone for your engagement ring actually comes down to the design and style of ring that you are looking for. You could have an amazing stone, but the design will absolutely make or break whether it looks great on your lady. So read some of our tips on choosing the right design for your engagement ring, and put it together with a stunning stone and you will be on to a winner!

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