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How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

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Engagement rings are funny business. Most girls you meet are likely to have tried one on before, or have an idea of what they want, and yet here you are – supposed to work it out on your own, what kind of stone, whether its got other shiny things around it, whether maybe she would like some coloured stones, and that’s not even talking about what the damn thing should cost. So when you’re buying an engagement ring, how much should you actually be spending?

There’s a rule that’s touted in crappy romantic movies and by girls to their girlfriends over too many glasses of wine that an engagement ring should cost the equivalent of 3 months of the guys salary.

Well guess what. That’s an absolute load. The cost should not be the defining factor in choosing the perfect ring, it should be about what the girl of your dreams would love. Whether that’s a simple rose gold band (which is going to be cheaper because no diamonds), or whether it’s an Art Deco style ring, the cost of the ring should be a combination of whatever you thing your girl would love the most and what you are comfortable spending.

Generally, you have to think that the girl you’re proposing to is going to be wearing this ring for the rest of her life. So it pays to make sure you spend a little bit more and get something that you are happy to have her wear for that length of time – and we are talking about choosing 18ct gold over 9ct gold here. It will cost you a bit more, but it will last a lot longer and look a lot nicer as it ages.

Ultimately, the point of asking someone to marry you is about making that commitment to the person. If all she is interested in is a pretty rock and being able to gloat about how poor you were for the rest of your life because of it, maybe she isn’t the right girl for you. If being able to say that you bought your girl the most expensive ring in the shop is important to you personally, that’s also totally fine! At the bottom of it all, you’re asking the girl to marry you and that should be the focus, not the cost.

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