How to plan the perfect proposal

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It’s finally here. You found the girl, you made the decision, you got the ring and now you just have to ask. Some would say this is the easy bit, because the rest of it has already been done for you. Some would say this is the hard bit, because you actually have to plan and get your shit together to ask her, and there’s always going to be that tiny piece of fear. But there are some simple tips and tricks to plan a proposal that no girl can say no to…

Pick a spot with some kind of significance for you both. Maybe you guys met on a beach, because you have after all come straight out of a 90’s film clip. Maybe you guys have a particular spot that you used to go to all the time when you first started dating, or maybe her family is really important to her, so going back to her home town to pop the question would really do it for her. Any which way, choose a place that means something and will make her feel like you have REALLY listened for all these years.

Choose the right time of day. If you know your girl is not a morning person, a dawn sunrise over the ocean is probably not for her. But you do want to think about light – you want her to be able to see the ring, you want to be able to get a really great photo or video of the moment and you want the whole scene to look as beautiful as possible. Because girls love beautiful shit.

Think about what you’re going to say. Because there’s nothing worse than getting up there and stammering for about 5 minutes while you try and spit the right words out. And no girl wants to hear the line “So uh, do you wanna, like, do this thing?” – she’s not going to see the charm. We aren’t suggesting you write a speech that’s 15 pages, or recite a Romeo and Juliette Sonnet (although, if its her all time favourite book/movie/play, that might be a power move), but think about the things you want to speak about – that she is important, that she is beautiful, that this is what you want, and that you want to be with her forever.

Capture the moment. Because we all want to do this once, and if we are only doing it once we want to remember it. We will talk a bit more later about HOW to capture the moment perfectly, but suffice it to say you want to have something there. It can be a puppy with a go pro, or it can be a photographer friend lurking in the bushes (be careful with both of these options, might get some interesting results!) but make sure you include it – because she is going to love that you thought of it.

Keep it secret, keep it safe. It might be incredibly tempting to check in with her mum and sister and best friends and gym buddy about what you’re planning and checking that it’s the right idea – but the chances of them telling your girl and ruining the surprise is pretty high. Let her have this massive surprise, she will literally only get to do it once, so keep it to your self as much as you can.

The perfect proposal is about showing your girl how much she means to you, and that really comes down to knowing her better than anyone else. So use all the time you guys have had together and use it to plan something that will knock her socks off and give her bragging rights for years to come.

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