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Picking an engagement ring – where do you start?

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We totally understand that choosing an engagement ring for your girl is one of the hardest things that you are asked to do as a bloke. This is such a huge moment for her, she is going to be showing off this rock to every one of her girlfriends and you don’t want to be the schmuck who got it wrong.

So here are some simple things to look for when choosing the right ring for the right girl. Remember, all of these different things have to be used together

Size of her hands.
Now we aren’t suggesting that your lovely lady has King Kong hands by any stretch of the imagination, but generally the rule is that small hands suit small rings, and vice versa. If your lady has hands so small they get lost in yours, chances are you can get away with a single solitaire diamond, and if her hands are a bit bigger, then go for something with a halo design – is a simple way to make a less expensive stone look lots bigger

Personal style
Does she wear really simple, well-made clothes without any kind of add-ons like lace or beads or whatever? Then a simple ring is probably going to suit her. Does she tend to wear more accessories than a Kiss band member, with rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and the whole lot? Then she is probably going to need a ring that stands out a bit more.

Look at her other jewellery
We are not suggesting that you go and buy a gold version of that skull ring that she already has and that would be a great engagement ring, but if you have a look through the jewellery that she already has, you can work out the kind of style she likes. If she has lots of thin-banded rings in gold, then go for a thin-banded ring in gold, maybe with a solitaire diamond. If she has lots of chunky costume jewellery pieces done in silver, then go for something in white gold that has a heavier design – anything art deco, antique or with a halo will be in the same vein.

Remember that ultimately the ring you choose is a symbol of the love you guys already share. Its not the be all and end all if you get the ring wrong, and the lady in question is going to love it anyway because its something you have chosen for her.

If you are really struggling, we are here to help. Share a pic of your girlfriend’s jewellery box on our Facebook page, hashtag #dontknowwhattodo and one of our expert jewellery sleuths will give you a couple of suggestions based on what we can see!

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