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Most guys have never thought about what a ring is set into, let alone the style of the setting. A ring setting is the part of the ring that you want to be made well, because its what holds that exxy diamond or gemstone in place. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to settings, and it will totally change the look of the ring – so make sure you choose the right one.


A bezel setting is one of those ones where the metal goes all the way around the stone. That means that the ring is held nice and secure, an important thing to consider if your girlfriend is the kind to be waving her arms around and bashing her hand into things. This setting looks good around more rounded shape stones – round brilliant cut, cushion cut and oval are particularly lovely.


semi_bezel_ring_settingsSemi Bezel stones are the edgier sister of the bezel. They only wrap half or three quarters of the way around the stone, leaving a small edge open on the edge of the stone. This creates a really geometric and architectural look to the ring, and allows a little more light to get into the stone, making it sparkle just that bit more brightly.


prong_ring_settingsThen you move into your claw settings. 4 and 6 Claw settings are just what they sound like – 4 claws that are wrapped up the sides of the stone and ‘claw’ over the top of the stone, holding it in place. A 4 claw setting has 4 claws, a 6 claw setting has 6 claws. A double claw setting has two claws on each section. Pretty simple.

Some think that having more claws means its more secure, which is only true if you make sure you keep your ring well maintained – the claws do have a tendency to lift over time, so its important to take the ring back to your jeweller for regular check ups. Like a service for your car, only don’t try to do this one yourself.



Not for the faint  of heart, a tension setting is essentially two bits of metal suspending your diamond in the middle. Sometimes there is a bit of metal under the stone, sometimes not. Very beautiful, architectural rings, sure – but they aren’t stable, and the risk of loosing your diamond is pretty high, and you will find most jewellers steer you away from this option for an engagement ring. Get it as a dress ring instead!



Channel setting’s are starting to raise in popularity again, particularly as some brides move towards simpler ring designs. If you are having a simple band and want to set a couple of small diamonds in the band, then a channel setting is the way to go the diamonds just sit in a little cut out, and have just the tiniest edge of metal wrapped over the top. A very traditional style of setting, and great for a vintage-loving lady!

The setting of your stone is one of a hundred tiny details that you are going to have to get across to get this ring right. It changes the look of your stone, it changes the wearability of your ring and its an important thing to consider for the future of your ring, and the style of ring that your lady will love. If you’re struggling with your design, speak to one of our jewellers today and they will help you create something totally unique.

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