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There is more to an engagement ring than Diamonds – don’t forget about Gemstones!

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Diamonds diamonds diamonds – if you’re thinking about getting down on one knee, changes are you are sick of talking about diamonds by now. Cut, colour, clarity, caratage, ethical or not ethical, antique rings from your Great Aunt Gretel, the whole thing starts to become a bit diamond centric.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Gemstones are rising in popularity for engagement rings because they offer the best of all worlds – they are still traditional and will age well, without breaking the bank. So what gemstones are worthy of adoring your future fiancés finger forever?

Sapphires are a popular choice, and what with the royal penchant for engagement rings with sapphires included, they aren’t likely to go anywhere. Sapphires vary in colour from a pale green right through to an almost black colour, and the colour depends on where they are from. Black sapphires can be beautiful for a girl that loves monochromes, and are found naturally in Australia.
Either way, sapphires can be both a beautiful center stone and accent stone in and around a (maybe smaller) diamond center stone.

Emeralds are another popular choice, strongly associated with the Emerald Cut diamond. These stones have an incredible hardness rating, so you don’t have to worry about them cracking over time.

Red is the colour of love, and rubies really signify that. They are incredibly hard stones, so will age well, and the red colour really sets off the whiteness of a diamond. Maybe lean away from a heart shaped ruby if you are making an engagement ring, that might be laying it on a bit thick, but square and cushion cut rubies are beautiful when surrounded with a halo of diamonds.

Opals in all their forms are becoming popular for engagement rings, although they aren’t as hard as some of the other gemstones, so you might have to be a bit more careful. They are a great way to incorporate a lot of colour in a ring without it looking like a huge clash of ideas, and you can even go to places like Lightening Ridge or Coober Peedy to hunt for your own opal for your lady.

Pearls are an absolute classic, a really elegant and unique solution for an engagement ring. They are again a softer gemstone that you need to be a bit careful with the pearl as they age, but if your lady loves the beach or diving, it’s a great way to pull that into a symbol of love, which is that engagement ring.

All gemstones look really fantastic as either a center stone or an accent stone, and are particularly fabulous in an art deco style ring. So if this kind of ring and stone would suit your girlfriend, rejoice! You have such a great opportunity to make an amazing and unique ring for the most amazing and unique lady.

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