Top 10 Overseas Proposals

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If you have been dating someone for a while and you start planning an overseas holiday, the first question is indubitably going to be “Oh, so are you going to propose while you’re away?”. To some it might seem a bit ridiculous, but there’s a reason that travel and engagements go hand in hand. Probably because love on a holiday is something else entirely – no one arguing over the dishes being done, spending a huge amount of time with your significant other and experiencing something totally alien together is a great way to realise or see what your future will look like.

So if you’re planning an overseas proposal, here are some of our top suggestions. Some are stand out obvious, and some are a little off the beaten track, but all are guaranteed to melt her heart.

1. Paris, the Eifel Tower
Ahhh the city of love, where else but the Eiffel Tower. If you are going to go for a French proposal, anywhere in Paris is going to be spectacular, but the top of the Eiffel Tower is one of those moments you will remember forever. Just make sure she isn’t afraid of heights and you’re good to go!

2. Fiji, on the beach
Or Vanuatu. Or Hawaii. Or any of your small island getaway locations. This is a fantastic proposal for the girl who loves the relaxed, beachy vibe and beautiful sunsets. Don’t propose in the ocean, the chances of dropping the ring are too great, but walking along the beach at sunset is sure to do it.

3. Your ancestral home
This is an unusual one, but beautiful nonetheless. If you have a strong family history tied to a particular region (say your whole family is from a tiny town in the highlands of Italy, or your family is has a castle in Donnegal), this is a really beautiful way to ask this lady to become a part of your family.

4. Top of the Empire State Building, NY
Its one of the most stunning views in the world, and if she loves architecture or the city skyline, its sure to be a winner. Make sure you don’t kneel in pigeon poop and bring a napkin or two in your pocket. Bonus points if you are up there at night – the skyline at night is next level amazing.

5. Big Sur National Park, CA
A long hike to the top of the rocky coastline, beautiful ocean and forest views, this proposal is bound to be perfect for your enviro-loving, hiking enthusiast fiancé-to-be. Keep the ring safe in a pocket close to your body and make sure to scope out the right spot beforehand.

6. Capsule on The London Eye, London
If you pick the time of day correctly (or speak to the guy operating the ride) you can get yourself into a private capsule on the London Eye, overlooking the Thames River and the skyline. The private capsule provides you with a moment to spend just the two of you celebrating this next level of commitment, and that helps if you’re a little shy or nervous. A beautiful proposal if she loves old London Town, and a beautiful proposal to be done at night.

7. Gondola Ride, Venice
European proposals have so many possibilities, but this is one of the most romantic. Venice is such a romantic city, with its sandstone architecture and the coziness of snuggling together on the gondola, its bound to bring up all those romantic proposing feelings in you. Be careful in your movements, you don’t want to rock the boat and loose that ring!

8. Niagara Falls
Did anyone else see that episode of The Nanny, where Mr. Shepherd is trying to propose but Fran cant hear him over the noise of the falls? Well get ready, this is your life. Niagara Falls is an incredible location, but make sure you pick your moment – the closer you get to the falls, the more people will be at the bow of the boat and all up in your space, and the more noise there will be. Go for the picture perfect moment at the start of the cruise when you start heading towards the falls, and enjoy the afterglow for the rest of the ride.

9. In the Vineyards of Italy
Any vineyard will do, but I would suggest that you propose before she gets a bit fuzzy on wine tastings – she wants to remember this moment! A walk through the vineyard or around the grounds (and they all have them) before heading to the cellar door to toast and celebrate with some beautiful wines is a wonderful day out.

10. On the Great Wall of China
Again, a little left of center, but a stunning photo opportunity. Climbing to the top of the Great Wall is no easy feat, and with all those exercise endorphins rushing, and her head spinning from the altitude, it’s a beautiful time to propose and really catch her off-guard. Be prepared to have your photo taken a thousand times by the tourists around you, they love romantic stuff like this, so let them celebrate with you!









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