Top 5 Melbourne Proposals

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Yes, proposing to your lady, no matter where in Australia you live, is going to be a nerve-wracking moment. But in Melbourne, you have an amazing array of options for creating the perfect proposal, something that your lady is going to remember forever and will earn you some amazing brownie points if you get it right.

1. Gondola on the Yarra
Did you know that you can catch a Gondola Ride along the Yarra Valley River? If you can’t quite make it to Venice, this is a great way to bring a little of that European Romance to your proposal. Don’t move too quickly or you will rock the boat!

2. At Domain Chandon
The original providors of champagne are located just outside Melbourne in the Yarra Valley, offering the perfect vineyard setting and champagne on site to celebrate with. Take a stroll through the vineyards first, and then move to the tasting rooms to celebrate with a glass and a strawberry or two.

3. Curtin House Rooftop Bar
For some of the best Melbourne Skyline views and a chance to bring all her loved ones into one place, you can’t beat Curtin House. Book a table along the edge of the room, and organise for all her family and friends to meet you at the venue half an hour after you plan to propose to celebrate with her.

4. The Royal Botanic Gardens
Some of the most beautiful gardens in the world, the Royal Botanic Gardens offers a chance to celebrate nature, have a wonderful date and have a very private proposal. Pack a picnic, take a bottle of champagne with you and find an empty spot on the lawn to create a beautiful moment just for the two of you.

5. Vue de Monde
If your lady likes the finer things in life, there isn’t much finer than Vue de Monde. Perfect if fine dining is a rare and special occasion for the two of you, proposing as you drink your first glass of champagne is a great way to ensure that she will have the appetite to enjoy the meal, rather than her sitting and wondering when you will ask.

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