Top Ten Places in Sydney to Propose

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Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and we are lucky to have an absolutely huge range of places that would make the proposal of any girls dreams. Choosing the right spot to propose completely comes down to the type of girl (or guy!) that you’re asking to marry you. If she has said to you a 1000 times that she really likes the look of lights at night, then #6 might be the best place for you. If she loves nature and the outdoors, then #2 is going to be a guaranteed heart stopper.

These places have been selected because they offer a little big of privacy for those of you feeling a bit nervous about getting down on one knee, and so you and your girl can have a moment that’s just yours. They are in no particular order, but they are kind of grouped into themes.

1. Walkway in Hyde Park
It’s a stunning spot in Sydney, with the big wide boulevard and the renaissance style fountain at the end that will make your lady feel like she’s in Europe. It’s always shockingly unpopulated, with lots of shade and greenery around you, and you’re guaranteed not to get a wet knee as you bend down. A gorgeous place for a nature-loving girl!

2. Sydney Botanic Gardens
Anywhere in this stunning garden is going to be amazing, but it’s an extra special touch if you go there on a bit of a scouting mission the weekend before and pick out the perfect spot. Something that has lots of flowers around is sure to make the lady swoon.

3. Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour
If you have travelled to China (or would like to!), if she loves beautiful gardens and really getting lost in the moment, this is an incredible spot to propose. With plenty of small rooms created within the garden to give you privacy, you will feel like you’re in the highlands away from it all.

4. Cafe Sydney
A restaurant proposal can be intimidating, because you are in a room full of other people you absolutely don’t know. Café Sydney boasts not only one of the best views in town of the harbour during the day or night, but also a very intimate atmosphere and great mood lighting. If you book ahead (and you really should) speak to the staff and explain what you’re doing – they will absolutely look after you with the right table, champagne and privacy in the moment.

5. Gordon’s Bay
Go for a morning walk along the coastal trail and end up at the peak, looking over the beautiful aquamarine waters of Gordon’s Bay. A beautiful look out and a secluded spot, the peak time for colours on the bay is around mid morning – 10:30am is lovely.

6. Lavendar Bay
A perfect way to end off a night walk along the boardwalk is at the pier. A perfect harbour view, great in the day or at night, this view overlooks Luna Park and offers a perfect photo opportunity if you want to really capture that moment. Top tip: early morning is a beautiful time at this iconic spot, get there for 7am and have the whole day to celebrate!

7. Dawes Point Park
Under the shadow of the harbour bridge, overlooking the water and the harbour, this absolute gem of a spot is often fairly quiet at sunrise and sunset while everyone else is down on the boardwalk. Its naturally beautiful, surrounded by all the history and fig trees, and makes for a great way to then go and meet your mates to celebrate in The Rocks.

8. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair
For the quintessential Sydney harbour view, from the Anzac Bridge right the way round to the Centre Point Tower, you can’t argue with the photographic opportunity. Best enjoyed at dusk once the crowds have gone home, this is an absolutely stunning spot once the lights start to flicker on.

9. The Ferris Wheel, Luna Park
Want to do something as unique as your girl is for your proposal? Proposing on the Ferris Wheel at Lunar Park is one of those classic Sandy-and-Danny (Grease, for those who haven’t had to watch it a hundred times) moments. Overlooking the city and the water, make sure you keep a tight grip on that ring. Top Tip – you can go to Luna Park at night too, and all those sparkling lights will look amazing when you’re at the top.

10. Purikura Photoland at Capitol Square
This is a quirky one we will grant you! But what could be better than getting to capture the precise moment on a photo strip, seeing all your partners different faces of shock, surprise and joy? A real one for the history books, this proposal is not for the faint of heart!

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