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In our Pinterest loving, Insta-famous world, there are very few original ideas any more, with everything being scoured over and inspected pixel by pixel and recreated based on hundreds of different influences. There is no industry where this is more true than wedding rings. The reason that celebrity wedding ring designs is one of the biggest click-bait topics known to man (or woman) is because everyone, everywhere is trying to rip off someone else’s design – and who better than a celeb who can afford any ring in the world?

Most women want to be seen as really unique, totally different from every other girl out there, and your lady no doubt is. And that means that everything she wears, right down to her engagement ring, is carefully curated to give a certain image, a way that she presents herself. Having a diamond ring that looks like every other diamond ring, or that matches her best friends ring, doesn’t really work with that whole image.

So the idea of buying your lady a ring that matches someone else’s might not be totally abhorrent to you, but I guarantee you that your girlfriend will feel differently. She wants a ring that is uniquely her, that no one else would wear or wear in the same way because it is designed specifically for her. And that is why you should design a custom ring. Create a piece of jewellery that she will be proud to wear, and that will really show off who she is for years to come.

By creating a piece of jewellery that is unique to your girlfriend, it gives you a great opportunity to really score some points in your relationship as well. You understand, you appreciate, you listened to all of those little hints that she has been dropping along the way for the past 5 years and you really get her. This is a big moment fellas, this is the most brownie points that you can ever score, so make sure you do it right.

So you’re on board right, lets get a ring made that is completely unique, that’s going to fit her like a glove and that will be totally her. The problem that most men face at this point, is where to begin. How do you even make a ring? What about a diamond, where do you get those from? And that is where Diamond Find comes into the equation, because we have been there, and we know what to do.

We have literally scoured Australia, looking for the best certified jewellers who are going to take your half ideas and sketches (maybe) and things you have hacked off her Pinterest (maybe) or strange words that she said to you once in conversation (“She said something about a bezel and a halo? What does that even mean?”) and they are going to turn it into the most amazing piece of jewellery. These jewellers are going to work on time and on a budget that you set, and they are going to be local – so if you’re really nervous about whats going on, it wont be too hard to pop in and see them and just check it all out.

You have such a unique (and hopefully once-in-a-lifetime) opportunity to make something really special, make your girlfriend really happy, and have this amazing moment where you can show off the fruits of your labour, and show the woman you love that you really understand her. You can start on your own piece of history by setting your budget with Diamond Find as the first step, and we can get started making your unique engagement ring!

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